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Welcome to the Scottish Trainer Framework (STF), an online resource designed to support all medical teachers and trainers working in Scotland, both undergraduate and postgraduate, whether working in primary, other community or secondary care settings. The Framework is built around a number of competency statements mapped to various clinical and educational roles, which aim to help teachers and trainers to plan their personal and professional development as educators, whatever their role or career stage. It also provides specific guidance for trainers requiring formal GMC recognition in Scotland. Arrangements for approval of GP trainers are already well established and these will not change. Academic staff and GP tutors who have been told by their medical school that their role requires recognition should also consult the trainer recognition section.

Trainer Recognition

If you are an academic or secondary care practitioner looking for information about trainer recognition and approval in Scotland, you may wish to link straight to our trainer recognition pages. The recognition arrangements also apply to GPs supervising secondary care trainees on placement if they are not already approved GP trainers. GPs seeking information about approval should consult the section for GP trainers.


The site is organised to allow you to navigate content in a number of different ways:

  • By clinical role: This section is likely to be most useful to trainee doctors or those seeking to develop a broad skills-base.

  • By educational role: This section aims to support those with a clearly defined role / remit in teaching or training, including a GMC 'named trainer' role. Undergraduate teachers and tutors may find this section particularly helpful.

  • By GMC Framework area: This section is structured around the seven 'framework areas' for educational CPD defined by the GMC, and is aimed at trainers currently performing (or aspiring to hold) ‘named’ roles who may have identified specific gaps in their appraisal documentation.

  • By all available training: This section is for trainers who wish to attend training on a specific topic.


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