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Guidance for appraisers

This section contains guidance for those involved in appraising trainers requiring recognition. It may also be of interest to trainers who have questions about the appraisal process.

From mid-May 2015, trainers performing four ‘named’ roles, defined by the GMC, will be expected to complete an additional set of fields within SOAR to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for formal GMC recognition.

Trainers who are required to complete the recognition documentation will automatically have these fields made available to them and this element will be flagged up as mandatory. Other trainers who are not performing one of the four named roles may wish to go through the recognition process and can opt-in to complete the new elements voluntarily.

Information in this section has been organised under the following subheadings:

You may also find it helpful to review the advice provided for trainers in sections three to seven of our self assessment tool.

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