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Collecting your supporting information

To support trainers in collecting appropriate evidence, the GMC have adopted the Academy of Medical Educators’ Framework for Supervisors which details seven areas of educational practice. Named Clinical Supervisors will be expected to provide evidence in areas 1-4 and 7. All other named trainers will be expected to provide evidence across all seven categories.

Initial recognition

For initial recognition you will need to collect evidence that shows you have the appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding to perform a teaching or training role.

There are three routes to initial recognition:

  1. Completion of an accredited course or qualification in medical education, or a basic training programme mapped against the GMC's framework.
  2. Award of full membership or fellowship of the Academy of Medical Educators or fellowship of the Higher Education Academy or professional recognition via a similar scheme supported by your Medical School or Royal College . 
  3. For experienced trainers, submission of a range of supporting information uploaded into the SOAR document store and mapped to all relevant Framework areas. Trainers who are not appraised through SOAR will be provided with information about how to collate information and self-declare by their EO (usually a Medical School)

Your supporting information might include certificates of attendance at training but could also include reflections or a wide range of other elements. You will need to provide documentation mapped to all relevant framework areas to satisfy the EO that you are ready for initial recognition but as this is a baseline measure it does not need to be from the current appraisal cycle.

Ongoing recognition

To maintain your ‘recognised trainer’ status you will need to evidence your ongoing professional development as a trainer. You do not have to provide supporting information in all Framework areas every year but you will be expected to cover all areas within a five-year cycle, linked to your revalidation cycle.

You may wish to refer to the CPD framework for career grade doctors to help you plan your development, and you may also find the  self-assessment section helpful in ensuring you have an appropriate breadth and depth of supporting information.

We have provided in depth information about what is covered in each Framework area along with examples of evidence you might provide and links to training you might find useful.

Framework areas

  1. Safe & effective patient care
  2. Learning environment
  3. Teaching & learning
  4. Assessment
  5. Supporting & monitoring progress
  6. Guiding personal & professional development
  7. Own professional development as an educator

Note: GP trainers

The information in this section refers specifically to trainers working in secondary care or university settings who will require recognition for the first time under new GMC arrangements. GPs seeking formal trainer approval should continue to follow existing guidance.