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Development By Educational Role

It would be impossible to capture the entire range of individual roles held by medical teachers and trainers. However, most teachers and trainers will begin their careers performing fairly specific tasks, such as delivering tutorials for medical students, acting as a mentor, or supervising trainees performing practical procedures. Those with an interest in education and training may progress to a more formal managerial / supervisory position in either undergraduate or postgraduate education, acting as a curriculum lead or a named PG supervisor for example. A small number of these individuals will progress into educational leadership roles.

We have divided this section of the Framework into three categories: task-based ‘non-GMC recognised’ roles; supervisory ‘GMC-recognised’ roles; and educational leadership roles . At the leadership-end of the spectrum, the roles are very clearly defined, whilst at the task-based end they are much vaguer and have a lot of potential for overlap. Within the ‘non-GMC recognised roles we have identified headings which capture a group of roles (for example “assessor”) requiring the same broad skill-set. Some individuals in each group will not need to be competent in every area listed, whilst those holding highly specialised roles may require additional skills. There will also be overlap in skills required by different groups – for example some of the skills required by lecturers will be the same as those required by small group tutors.

The GMC requires trainers holding managerial / supervisory roles to be formally recognised, and this group of trainers will need to meet a list of defined criteria in addition to developing the competences needed for their role. The roles listed on this page are based on the agreed Scottish definitions, although the exact job title may vary between organisations.

Map of standard clinical and educational career progression

Clinical career progession

Medical student Foundation doctor Specialty trainee Y1-3 (inc. GP) Specialty trainee Y4+ Consultant
SAS doctor

Educational career progression

Peer tutor Non-GMC recognised roles GMC recognised/ approved trainer roles Educational leadership roles
Presenter (clinical meetings)
  1:1 teacher
Role model
Small group teacher
Clinical assessor (SLEs)
Assessor (WBAs)
Examiner (OSCE / Portfolio)
Personal tutor
  GP tutor
  GP Trainer
Named educational supervisor
Named clinical supervisor
Module / block lead
Subdean / NHS Teaching Lead
Associate Dean
PG Dean
 Year lead (UG)
Teaching Dean

Key to colour-coding used in Table 1

Role incorporates both UG teaching & PG training
PG focussed role
UG focussed role
Role requiring formal GMC recognition