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2. Learning environment

This section of the Framework covers how you use your environment to maximise learning. The ‘learning environment’ includes both the physical space you teach in and the psychological environment you create. Physical spaces include traditional teaching spaces, such as a  classroom or lecture theatre as well as the clinical workplace – e.g. ward, clinic, operating theatre or GP surgery and you should think about how these are set up to enable learning without disruption to the clinical service. Creating an effective psychological environment means ensuring that learners feel comfortable to ask questions or make mistakes without fear of humiliation or retribution, whilst being sufficiently challenged by the tasks they are expected to perform.

Suggested Evidence

Any training you have attended in this area
Reflective accounts of practice
Notes from your observation of a peer/junior delivering teaching
Critical analysis of literature read in this area
Teaching plans showing how you cater for diverse learning needs
Records of departmental meetings where teaching is discussed
Anonymised records of meetings with students/trainees to discuss improvements
Your responses to student or trainee feedback
Ratings and/or comments from student or trainee feedback

Available Training