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Mandatory training for recognised trainers

In Scotland, we are attempting to move away from a compliance scheme and towards one based on professional development suited to individual needs, and have therefore avoided specifying compulsory training wherever possible. However, there are two mandatory training elements required by the GMC in order to meet their standards for trainers. These are:

  1. Equality & Diversity (E&D) training;
  2. An induction module or modules for your role(s) which might include:
    • FDA Introductory workshop for educational or clinical supervisors
    • Medical School induction
    • Other equivalent (e.g. provided by Royal College) agreed with your EO

Trainers will not be required to repeat induction training unless there are significant changes to the role, but they will need to keep their E&D training up to date in line with their employer's guidance.

Undergraduate named trainers are often performing complex roles and medical schools may have additional mandatory requirements, for example, training for OSCE examiners or student support tutors.

Although there are only two mandatory training requirements, all trainers will be expected to produce evidence of ongoing professional development in the relevant Framework areas specified by the GMC for their trainer role. Evidence may include certificates of attendance at training but could also include, for example, teaching timetables, course evaluations, student, trainee and patient feedback or 360° feedback of the trainer in their educational role. Trainers may wish to  refer to the self-assessment section and the CPD guidance for career grade doctors  to plan their own development around the Framework areas.

Note: GP trainers

The information in this section refers specifically to trainers working in secondary care or university settings who will require recognition for the first time under new GMC arrangements. GPs seeking formal trainer approval should continue to follow existing guidance.