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Postgraduate training

The Scottish Trainer Framework for doctors in training is built around competency statements related to teaching and training from the Foundation Programme Curriculum and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges’ Common Competences Framework for Doctors which have been mapped against the GMC's Framework areas for trainer recognition.

We hope that this will provide doctors in training with a clear structure for collecting evidence of their overall development as teachers or trainers and support them in meeting the requirements for recognition and approval later in their careers.

The support and practical teaching experience available to doctors in training varies depending on geographic location, clinical specialty and stage of training; while the skills required depend upon past training and experience and current role requirements. The STF for trainee doctors is divided into three sections, aimed at Foundation Doctors, those in the early years of specialty training (CT/ST 1-3, including GP) and those in the later years of training (ST 4 onwards).

The statements are necessarily broad and generalised. If you regularly perform a specific teaching role (e.g. teaching small groups; delivering lectures), you may also find it helpful to explore the framework by educational role. Specialty trainees close to achieving CCT may also wish to explore the options for trainer recognition  or external accreditation.