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Using this website

The Scottish Trainer Framework (STF) focuses on generic skills that the majority of doctors in a given role will require. We recognise that not all trainers will hold the same roles or require the same skills, and this should be taken into account when using the STF. The exact requirements of any individual will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Stage of clinical career
  • Level of involvement in teaching / training, including any roles held which require formal recognition / approval or specialist knowledge / skills
  • Balance of undergraduate / postgraduate training provided
  • Future career aspirations

This website provides information and access to training and other resources for a hugely diverse group of trainers. To make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for we have organised the pages to allow access in a number of different ways.

The top menu provides fixed links to allow you to search for information relevant to your clinical career stage or educational role; to access training or evidence collection tools related to specific GMC Framework areas; to find out more about the requirements for trainer recognition in Scotland; or simply to browse available training. Sub-menus will appear as sidebars or at the bottom of each page depending on the device you are using to access the site.

Within each section, concertina-style menus will allow you to view lists of teaching competences and available training relevant to your role / career stage. For doctors in training, these competency statements form part of the curriculum requirements of almost all specialties and the guidance provided should be used an additional support tool, alongside any requirements of your Royal College and / or training programme. For career-grade staff, the competency statements should not be viewed as a mandatory list that all trainers are required to work through. Rather, they should be seen as guidance, to allow you to  identify strengths and gaps in your development as a teacher or trainer. We aspire to produce a cohort of Scottish medical teachers and trainers who go beyond achieving minimum levels of competence. The STF therefore addresses both minimum standards required for recognition and benchmark standards for development of excellence.

We hope to encourage trainers to move away from considering their development as a tick-box exercise to be achieved by attending mandatory training and to encourage a more reflective, evidence-based approach to practice. The majority of the Framework tool provides guidance and support rather than absolute requirements, and where possible we have suggested practice-based alternatives to attending training.